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“I recommend Escondido Hypnotherapy Center’s services because it opens your eyes and helps you understand where your problems come from. Rick was amazing, I have never been able to open up to a stranger and be so comfortable…” *
        Female, Age 23, Escondido, CA (Actual identity on file withheld for privacy reasons at client’s request)

“It gave me the edge I felt I needed to become a non-smoker. Rick has a warm, accepting demeanor and a wealth of knowledge and experience in smoking cessation techniques. What I liked most was how easy it was to follow through. The hypnotherapy disengaged the schema in my subconscious that equated smoking with 
pleasure.” *

        Victoria P., San Diego, CA


“I just wanted to thank you again. It has been a year since I stopped smoking with your help and I haven’t had any smokes since then. Not even any urges. Thanks so much.” *
        H. C., San Diego, CA

“I recommend Escondido Hypnotherapy Center’s stop smoking program because it really works! I enjoyed the process. I was able to stop smoking while still feeling good. It was very calming. He made me feel confident in the 
experience.” * 
        Nicole C., San Diego, CA

“I’m glad I used hypnosis to become a non-smoker because it was painless and immediate. I liked everything from Richard’s voice to the way hypnosis works. It’s so easy to do, no need for endless follow-ups.” *
        Clara H., San Diego, CA

*Client testimonials are not a guarantee of specific results because all individuals are unique and results may vary

Your Hypnotherapist

Richard A. (Rick) Foster
Certified Hypnotherapist
Smoking Cessation Specialist

Richard A. (Rick) Foster uses a system that has successfully helped people stop smoking - many in as little as one session.

Rick is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego. He was first certified as a Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotist by the National Commission of Certified Hypnotists in 1993. He was later certified by Smoke Free International as a Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapist and is recognized by the International Hypnosis Federation as a Smoking Cessation Specialist.

Rick has studied the methods of many leading hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners. Through continuing study, Rick remains current in a variety of advanced hypnotherapeutic approaches and coaching techniques consistent with the latest findings in neuroscience and mind/body awareness.

Ask him though and Rick will tell you The best education comes from hands-on experience. It's been the many clients I've been privileged to help over the years, who have allowed me to continuously refine my skills and understanding of how best to empower each individual's desire for change. To my clients, I am eternally grateful.

Rick didn't always spend his workdays helping smokers become non-smokers. His first career was as a manager and executive within the mobile multiphasic health testing industry.

Reflecting on those years, he says, "Each year, our mobile teams of nurses, physicians and technicians would return to the same Fortune 500 companies and/or labor unions and run their employees or members through a comprehensive health screening. Our staff tested everything from eyes and ears to blood and all the major organ systems. It was like taking a snapshot of a person's health every year and then laying out the pictures in chronological order to see how his/her health changed over time.

"It was impossible to not notice the difference between the bodies of those who smoked versus the non-smokers. Watching a vibrant, healthy pair of lungs slowly gunk up from smoking tobacco was disheartening. Even more sad was talking with those individuals and hearing them say "I want to quit smoking, I've tried but...""

After 24 years in the corporate world, Rick Foster joined the growing number of baby boomers who traded in their corporate credit cards and fancy titles for a simpler life where they can make a difference.

Rick now helps smokers more easily and quickly kick the smoking habit for good. Rick says "putting an end to the smoking habit no longer has to be so hard. The goal is to help people stop smoking without all the horrible withdrawal symptoms and without their transferring the smoking habit to another bad habit, like over-eating, for example."


Part of the inspiration for Rick's career change came from his wife, Donna McAdams, a Registered Nurse and licensed Acupuncturist who owns and operates the Escondido Acupuncture Center located in downtown Escondido.

"Each evening I watched Donna come home animated, thinking about all the people she had helped that day," Rick says. "I wanted to feel that way about my work too! And now I do. For over a decade, I've been privileged to meet interesting people and help empower them to take more control over their lives by quitting smoking - in many cases, faster and easier than they ever imagined! The work is rewarding, a real win-win for me and for my clients."

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