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“Thank you Rick for helping me work through my problem of anger. It was deep seated from when I was a teenager. I was getting upset and angry at everything. After a couple of sessions I was better.” 
    B.R., age 46, San Diego, CA*

“I never knew visualization and understanding my subconscious mind and pairing it with my conscious mind could be so easy and rewarding… every session was a great leap forward… I now enjoy every single day of my life, I know now life is not perfect but I have tools to deal with it and make every day count… Thank you so much for your help, I have achieved the only goal I have always wanted in my life: to be happy!” 
    C.H., San Diego, CA*

“I’m glad I used hypnosis to improve and overcome panic attacks, stop teeth grinding, and delve into past feelings of self worth.  What I liked most about hypnotherapy was the comfortable, easy feeling, peaceful like the Eagles song.  Thank you Rick, you changed my life in many ways I thought about

things.” *

Ken O, age 65, Carlsbad, CA

*Client testimonials are not a guarantee of specific results because all individuals are unique and results may vary

Other Issues

In addition to specializing in smoking cessation, we also have experience helping people make other kinds of changes.

While hypnotherapy does NOT treat, prescribe, or diagnose any medical condition, it can help a person change a variety of unwanted habits, behaviors, and limiting beliefs. It can help solve problems, improve abilities and increase motivation. Below is a sampling of other types of problems we have successfully helped clients address:

  • Public speaking anxiety

  • Feeling overwhelmed, overstressed

  • Weight loss motivation, body image, and particular food addictions.

  • Breaking the habit of swearing

  • Nail biting, lip biting, skin picking or cutting

  • Hair pulling

  • Phobias and fears

  • Personal motivation and self discipline

  • Attitude improvement, positive vs. negative thinking

  • Eliminating self sabotage

  • Trust issues, forgiveness issues

  • Attracting love into your life, coping with a break-up

  • Success and abundance issues

  • Procrastination, getting organized

  • Low self esteem

  • Coping with past traumas

  • Other unwanted habits and behaviors

For issues other than smoking cessation, the number of hypnotherapy sessions required varies with each individual and we cannot offer no-charge back-up sessions. But usually within one to three sessions clients will be able to gauge their progress and notice changes.

While each session builds upon the previous session, we do not require purchase of a "package of sessions". Clients pay only a per session fee and can discontinue at any time without further obligation.

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